incubation period 1

These are the sketches of the first incubation period.

comment: This sketch is a possible understanding of the concepts of transformation and deviations from a common point discussed in the conception phase.

comment: Anamorphosis
zooming in and zooming out
how tiny attacks are a line, building layers with this.
it could function at its starting point as a “background” layer, which will be shaped and reshaped and formed in to a main line of attacks and lines.
dynamically the process of changing the color of the sounds ( from airy, light sounds ——-> to distorted noise )

comment: The notation is classical, there are some extended playing techniques that are described as such and there are occassionally additional staves for playing on the bridge or tailpiece of string instruments. As for percussion, I used the percussion and sticks offered in proposal nr. 3, but I kept also one instrument from my own proposal. As for the playing techniques, I mostly used the proposal nr. 1, but since it was in tigh with proposal nr. 4, I allowed myself to add 2 techniques that were not mentioned anywhere.

comment: The following snippet is intended for the beginning of the piece or a section. As such it consists of a stable situation, but with has a more complex nature (and a more defined identity) than a single sustained note. The goal is that it has interior movement, but is perceived externally as one single entity (the listener cannot clearly discern the elements that compose it). Thus it functions well as a departing point for divergence or transformation, being perceived as a single stable entity but already affording in itself elements of difference to be transformed.