snippet 1-5 upload

Here you can upload your branch snippet which should have a duration of 30 to 50 seconds. You can upload sib, musx, pdf, jpeg, png, jpg, or gif files. Please include your sibelius or finale files if available and do not mention your name in the score.

selected reflection

1. Meso-structure: “zooming…” is clearly an organic continuation of “falling ashes”, which I consider a success in our “togetherness”. In regard to the texture, however, it continues the former snippet’s pattern of “Solo violin, accompanied by ensemble” — although the accompaniment is now clearly anchored to the violin part, transforming (morphing) it, as has been pointed out in the snippet description (That is, relation has changed from mostly parallel to a tighter vertical counterpoint relationship).  Considering that the description of “zooming” offers as a possible continuation to “1) continue this development” I suggest that this continuation be done in the following manner: (a) changing which string instruments lead, and the texture of counterpoint (a duo of cello and bass, for example, could be the starting point of next snippet); (b) using as main material the defined pitch-class component that had appeared as an extraneous element (“Falling ashes” Vn:m.49,51; “Zooming…” Vn: m.54, 57, 62). As my old composition teacher used to say, half-joking, “If you make a mistake in your composition, do it again and again — until it becomes the new rule”.  It seems to me that transforming this “stranger” into the new main element (that had not appeared in the beginning)  may constitute a true “deviation” in the compositional process. 2. Macro-structure: If the whole piece is supposed to have 8-9 minutes, and we already have four snippets of 1-2 minutes, this means we pretty much only have to decide how we want to end. I would strongly recommend we end abandoning completely the initial material, or at least transform it beyond recognition. My own suggestion would be to (a) choose as a goal some material from INCUBATION PHASE that has not yet appeared, and is as different as possible from everything that has appeared unto now: this would be a goal for gradual convergence. And also (b) in another layer, start to include repeated measures, loops, which appeared in the initial fragment only once (“The beginning”, m.16) .  The piece ends simultaneously “going away” and “getting stuck”.

Deadline for submission is on Saturday 8.2.2020 at 23:59 in your local time-zone.

    Describe the relation of your snippet to the selected concepts and the sketches from incubation period (if used) and how you imagine it continues if selected.

    From which sketches or snippets have you borrowed material?